Siemens Hearing Instruments are featured by HearTech, LLC in order to take advantage of the engineering and research advancements by one of the world's largest manufacturer of hearing instruments.


Siemens Pure hearing aids offers state-of-the-art digital technology which works with your natural hearing in an "open fitting." The Pure line includes the following, highly desirable features:

  • The receiver (loudspeaker) is in the ear canal.  Separating the receiver from the hearing aid case allows for a smaller size and more efficient sound production.
  • The ear canal is left open for most fittings allowing amplified sound to be combined with your natural hearing. The open fitting is more comfortable, and avoids the "plugged" feeling sometimes experienced with conventional hearing aids.
  • Utilizing the latest advancements in digital hearing technology, Siemens Pure Hearing Instruments offer:
    • Automatic adjustment of volume and sound processing
    • Wireless synchronization of the two instruments which improves sound localization and allows setting of both aids by pressing the button on just one.
    • Automatic feedback (whistling) reduction
    • Directional microphones that automatically adjust to improve hearing someone in front of you while suppressing background noise.
    • "Smoothing" of annoying sounds like clanging dishes or rustling paper without distorting speech sounds.
  • Better hearing in restaurants and other noisy settings:  The features listed above collectively improve understanding of speech by supressing backgound noise.
  • Unlike some instruments, the Pure line can be computer programmed "on the spot" allowing you to immediately experience each adjustment as they are made by the audiologist.
  • The wide fitting range of Pure allows the power of the aid to be increased if your hearing loss progresses. In most cases, this adjustment is done at little or no cost by the audiologist and avoids having to return the aid to the manufacturer.
  • As a "mini" hearing instrument, the Pure is worn discretely behind the ear in one of ten colors matched to your hair or skin tone.  With only a thin wire leading to the ear, the Pure 300 is almost invisible.



Fitting of Siemens Pure Hearing Instruments by HearTech includes the following:

  • Rechargeable batteries with custom charging case, saves money while eliminating the inconvenience of buying and replacing batteries every week or two.  The "eCharger" also helps to dry the hearing aids overnight without the need for a separate drying device.
  • Two year manufacturer's warranty against defects in material and workmanship.  (Complete details are included with the hearing aids.)
  • One-time loss and damage coverage during the warranty period.  A $200 deductible per aid is charged for replacement and reprogramming of lost or damaged aids.
  • A thirty day trial period, during which time the hearing aids can be returned or exchaged for a refund of the purchase price less a nominal fitting fee.

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